Are Birds roosting on your property defecating all over everything. We can help call us now. Action Critter Removal does bird removal and relocation  in all Metro Atlanta Counties. A pair of Pigeons can reproduce year round. Feral pigeons, sparrows, and starlings create a nuisance with their continual scavenging for food and their unsightly droppings, which can be extremely damaging to stone, brick, and wood. They also carry a variety of parasites and diseases, some of which can be harmful to humans.


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Ask us about our tried and true live  bird trapping techniques with species specific trapping methods for Starlings, Pigeons, Sparrows, Geese, Seagull, Peacocks, and Feral Roosters.


Sparrow Trap

Pigeon Trap

Pigeons ready to Relocate

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Pigeon Trap

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Pigeon Trap

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Peacock Relocation

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