All species 0f  Bats are protected by the United States Fish And Wildlife Service, so if Bats are  in your attic best to let the certified professionals take care of your Bat problems at Action Critter Removal .One-fifth of all mammal species are bats. Insect-eating bats are adapted to the short life-cycles of different insects. They soon learn where the insect swarms are at different times of the year and will fly many kilometers to feed on them.  Brown bats frequently dwell in man-made structures. Bats roost in the eaves and attics of homes .If left alone in attics numbers are sure to  multiply which could lead to health hazards costly guano removal and clean-up. Bat guano removal, bat guano should be removed immediately from inside your attic due to its hazardous nature.

Mexican Freetail Bats are easily identified by there mouse like tail

Fruit Bats

Big Brown Bat

Bats in attic

Bats in Gable Vent