Coyotes inhabit every county in Georgia, The coyote may be found in all of the United States (except Hawaii). Although native to the desert southwest, circumstances have allowed the coyote to extend his home range  south eastward into Georgia. Reasons for range expansion include the decline of wolves, habitat availability, and natural range expansion. The coyote, red fox and gray fox are the only wild canids that inhabit Georgia.
Coyotes are very vocal animals, its Latin name “Canis latrans” means barking dog. Intelligent and very adaptable, they can live almost anywhere including fields, farmlands, forests, Cities, and urban areas. Coyotes will prey on domestic animals including small dogs, cats, all birds, and cattle. Coyotes are susceptible to a variety of diseases including rabies, mange, distemper, parvo enteritis, hepatitis and internal parasites. External parasites including lice, mites, fleas and ticks also afflict coyotes.  Coyotes have become human health concerns because they are reservoir hosts of rabies.