• What is the difference between Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators and Pest Control Operators? Pest control Operators are individuals licensed by the Department of food and Agriculture they deal with bugs and termite problems. Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators are persons licensed by the Department of Natural Resources dealing with only wildlife animals.
  • What types of pests could be damaging my home or business? The most common critters found in Georgia homes and businesses are the following: Roof Rats , Flying Squirrels , Gray Squirrels , Opossums , Raccoons , Bats , Birds , Venomous Snakes and Nonvenomous Snakes.
  • Does your company use poison ? Action Critter Removal practices humane trapping and wildlife removal techniques , without the use of poison. When poison is used to control  an animal problem there are risks involved. When poisons are used critters can die in areas of your home or business such as inside your walls under your furnace units or in your attic , resulting in  foul odors that take a significant amount of time and expense to get rid of not including the tearing out of walls to get to the dead animals.
  • What type of diseases do wild animals carry and are they harmful to humans? Most wild animals do carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. Animals carry diseases such as Rabies , Toxoplasmosis , Salmonella , Rat-Bite Fever , Roundworm , Hantavirus , Pulmonary Syndrome , Histoplasmosis , Aspergillus , , Etc. Best to steer clear of  critters and leave it up to the professionals at Action Critter Removal.