Action Critter Removal is a full service wildlife removal and relocation company specialized in wildlife removal from your Home  including animal damage repair. Our team of professionals are licensed and fully insured with many years of experience in Home Remodeling and Construction.  Our technicians will provide you with state of the art wildlife removal procedures and a written nuisance animal removal and repair estimate for your property. Our licensed technicians are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.

Chimney Capping

Hole Repair

Gap Seal-up

Horizontal Gap

Most houses in the south east are built with a construction gap that generally runs behind the gutter at the beginning roof line of a house. This is where the critter problems begin. If left alone critters can do significant damage to the interior attic space from gnawing the rafters down creating structural problems and electrical lines which could lead to expensive  replacement costs.